by Kat Sorensen’s ummmmm… DOG.

natural-pet-toothbrushMy owner loves me. They brush my fur every day to clean out the itchy dander, clear out all the knots I get from rolling around on the carpet and sometimes put a classy collar around my neck to make my appearance presentable! I’m usually ready for a night out on the town! But wait, what’s the point of looking good if, when I smile, my teeth and gums appear as if I’ve just soaked them in black licorice and caramel that my owner left on the table? Yummy, but now I have a problem! My tongue can’t reach under my lips to clean my teeth! My gums hurt! My smile is ugly! How do I tell my owner that I need a good teeth cleaning?!

I know…I found this really cool bamboo toothbrush in a package with a dog’s picture on it on the counter. If….I….can……just…….GOT IT OPEN!! I’m just going to put it in my mouth and take it to my owner! I heard on the TV (when they left me alone yesterday) that I can’t chew through this WooBamboo toothbrush! The bristles were made just for me and the handle is made so my owner can get a good grip! I bet my breath smells better when my teeth are clean and I know I’ll live a longer, happier life! Lastly, I need that spot…….right there……….aww yeah. Good scratch!

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