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WooBamboo Interdental Brush Picks


As a hybrid between a toothbrush and a toothpick, these interdental
floss picks get in between your teeth, to get those super hard-to-reach spots.
They are reusable, and come in multiple sizes.

We’ve worked to make WooBamboo Brush Picks as biodegradable and sustainable as possible! The leaflet and box are made from paper & cardboard.
Each interdental handle is bamboo – a biodegradable, renewable & sustainably grown resource! Size Small in a convenient 8 pack as well as a Variety Pack with 12 picks in assorted sizes. Extra durable nylon bristles deliver superior cleaning ability. The cap, which is a corn starch-based plastic, also allows the brush to dry between uses and keeps bristles clean. The slim handle, allows the user to rotate the brush on insertion, resulting in less pressure being placed on the tip of the brush, resulting in less bending of the wire. The smart design of the slim bamboo handle, results in less plastic per item = less overall waste.

WooBamboo Toothpaste Tablets


WooBamboo’s Chewable Toothpaste Tablets are less waste than paste, with two incredible flavors! Why tablets, tho?

Fantastic question. Tablets are a cool new eco and easy way to brush and swish. No mess. No tube. Just a perfect amount of “paste” in an oxo-biodegradable jar made from agave fiber. Pop a tablet in your mouth. Give it a few chews and start brushing! Just wanna swish? No problem. Chew and then swish for 45 seconds and spit. Now go enjoy that amazingly fresh mouth! Packaged in recycled material and printed with soy-based ink.

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