• gray-leaf-icon Super cool and stylish
  • gray-leaf-icon Made with natural, biodegradable bamboo
  • gray-leaf-icon Packaged with recycled & recyclable materials
  • gray-leaf-icon Featuring high quality dental-grade bristles
  • gray-leaf-icon Panda friendly!

Bamboo Toothbrushes

  • Super Soft Bristles
  • Soft Bristles
  • Medium Bristles

Bamboo’s hot. Plastic’s NOT. Our high-quality and beautiful bamboo handle provides a wavy grip that sits in the curve of your palm and offers a natural place for your thumb. A very light coating of wax coupled with the already anti-microbial nature of bamboo assures you that not only are you doing something healthy for your mouth, but that you are not harvesting a germ fest on the handle! We offer three bristle strengths in beautiful colors to add “pop” to your bathroom countertop. Know what’s nice? Our toothbrushes will fit into your toothbrush holder! Bamboo and you. It’s a winning combination.

High Quality Toothbrush

Bamboo toothbrush also Available in Slim, too.

What’s up, Slim? Women and juveniles alike seem to ‘lean’ towards the sleek, narrower look of this streamline, bamboo handle. The grip is a bit smaller than its standard Adult sibling and instead of four rows of bristles, there are three! And just like our full line of toothbrushes, there’s a lot to be said about going natural. Let it start with your toothbrush. We’ll talk about your roots later.  😉