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Adult Toothbrushes - Medium | Soft | Super Soft Bristles
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All WooBamboo brushes boast a beautiful, ergonomic handle made from a single carved piece of naturally-grown Moso bamboo, and contain no toxins, glues, or paints. The handles for our brushes are naturally anti-microbial and coated in a natural soy bean wax, making them smooth and safe for oral use! Their handles are biodegradable and the bristles are high-quality & dental-grade, made from recyclable* material. All ink used on our packaging is soy based and the packaging itself is made from recycled materials that are (re)recyclable.

FUN FACT: As of 2020, over 200 dental practices hand out WooBamboo toothbrushes. Hows THAT for a professional recommendation?!? 🙂

Our Adult Toothbrushes are available in… SUPER SOFT,  SOFT,  SLIM SOFT,  & MEDIUM 

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