ecoLife provides a fundraising opportunity for schools who want to help both their community and planet by endorsing products designed with a higher purpose. Either fantastic eco-friendly alternatives, natural, chemical-free, incredibly healthy, sustainable, ecologically innovative, or designed for the betterment of living a healthy, positive lifestyle.

Everyday products any household can use, including natural personal care, cleaning, healthy snacking, and first aid, but with the twist of helping reduce waste, chemical intake and carbon footprint, while increasing our ability to take collective steps toward a healthier planet.



When a school signs up for a fundraising session, each student gets a uniqe URL to the ecoLife online store that they or their parents can then share with friends and family. Orders for your specific products come straight to you, and the items are then dropshipped directly to each consumer. 40% of the total purchase price goes toward their school.

Schools get the funds, YOU get the customer!



Interested in participating?

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Please let us know what kind of participation you’re looking for. Are you a school, or a brand?