dentist using bamboo toothbrush

Bamboo toothbrushes for dentists & dental hygienists:

We at ecoLife Innovations have created a fantastic process, just for you, in order to help you promote your dental practice and spread the love for eco-friendly alternatives. More and more consumers are becoming aware of how wasteful it is to use plastic or nylon toothbrushes. All that does is add to the ever-increasing piles of landfill waste. But as dental professionals, you know that compromising dental hygiene isn’t an option either. Giving your patients the option to go green will show them you care and are on the forefront of green trends.

We also make it super easy to customize your WOOBAMBOO toothbrush:
  • Your dental practice’s name or logo
  • Your phone number
  • or even website address!

Make your patients remember that your practice is forward thinking and environmentally conscious!


dentist using bamboo toothbrush

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