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It’s not about just providing an amenity. It’s about giving a gift that shows what your company stands for.

It’s about showing guests you not only care for them, but you care about the planet as well.

What’s in it for you…

For our airline, hotel, and cruiseship clients – A special bundle of items that perfectly serves the needs of any & all travelers! Our eco oral care kits contain one bamboo toothbrush, one mini-free fluoride toothpaste, & one travel-size silk (10m) floss. All items available separately or in kit form.

WooBamboo Amenity Oral Care Kit

Why WooBamboo?

Innovative Materials

Innovative Materials

WooBamboo is an industry leader when it comes to utilizing plant-based plastics. Everything from our toothbrush retail packaging to our toothpaste tubes is build around ideas & principals of innovation, creativity, & overall eco-awesomeness.

We consider this one big step in the right direction.

Sustainable Bamboo

Sustainability Efforts

All of our bamboo harvesting operations have been certified by the FSC (Forestry Stewardship Council). We were certified as “FSC 100%”.

This means the bamboo forest that we harvest “is managed with consideration for people, wildlife, & the environment”.

Not to mention, we only harvest Moso Bamboo, which is a type of bamboo that isn’t a part of the Panda’s diet.

Recyclable Packaging

(Re)Recyclable Packaging

As much of our packaging as possible is produced from recycled content – The papers, the plastics, you name it! Which means, our operation truly embodies: Reuse, Reduce, Recycle.

We want to encourage our consumers to do the same!