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Click here to learn more about our brushes, toothpaste, eco-awesome floss, and our upcoming line of mouthwash and more! Woo, baby!


OVER 18,000+ STORES!

Our eco-awesome oral care line is available all over the globe, and is already in over 18,000 stores worldwide! Too many to map them all, actually! See if there’s a store near you.



We’re carried by some pretty great distributors. Check this page out for a pretty detailed list, and get us in your store, already!



We don’t make a big deal about it, because we believe charity should never be used as a marketing tool. But if you’re interested, click here.   🙂

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Naturally 90% Less Plastic

Naturally 90% Less Plastic

With over a billion toothbrushes thrown out every year ending up in oceans and landfills, our bamboo handles are an awesome alternative to the typical plastic. Biodegradable and sustainable bamboo rocks, baby.
Best of Both Worlds

Best of Both Worlds

Woobamboo products (like our bamboo toothbrush line, biodegradable floss, natural toothpaste and upcoming mouthrinse) were artfully designed to be the best, most natural, eco-friendly option without compromising in quality-of-use. We see the forest through the trees.
Chic & Beautifully Designed

Chic & Beautifully Designed

Even if the environment or using natural products isn’t you main concern – our products are stylish. They’re cool. ANd when have you ever, ever been able to say that about your oral care products? 🙂


No other natural bamboo toothbrush has the distribution and availability that WooBamboo does. Period. Available in over 30 countries, and almost all major natural product distributors, carrying WooBamboo isn’t just smart, it’s now easy.
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