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You read that correctly! We’re in nearly 20,000 retailers & 60 countries all around the globe! Which speaks not only to how incredible the items we offer are – but also to just how big a change global citizens are ready to make. Together we can make a difference!


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We currently donate thousands of brushes each year to homeless shelters across the US and charities in multiple countries around the world. These causes are very near and dear to us here at Woo. Don’t just believe there is good in the world… BE THE GOOD.

WooBamboo Bamboo Soft

So, what’s the dealio?

95% Less Plastic

95% Less Plastic

Unlike most toothbrushes – instead of using the traditional petroleum-based, non-recyclable plastic – we use eco-friendly bamboo. As of 2019, we’ve kept over 5,500,000 plastic toothbrushes out of landfills.
Natural & Sustainably Harvested Bamboo

Natural & Sustainably Harvested Bamboo

All of our brushes are made from a single piece of organically-grown bamboo with no fillers, laminents, or additives. We sustainably harvest our bamboo in a location that naturally has 22 million acres of bamboo. As you may know, bamboo is known to grow over 4 feet a DAY in the right conditions. In addition to this, bamboo continuously regenerates. This means that when it is cut down to the base, new stalks will sprout from the root system. It’s pretty amazing. Also, pandas don’t eat Moso bamboo (which is the only kind we use), so we’re not taking away from their food sources.
Inspiring & Innovative

Inspiring & Innovative

WooBamboo is not a toothbrush company, a floss distributor, or even a toothpaste wholesaler. We are in the inspiration business. Our goal is to inspire you to take action in the fight against ever-growing landfills and the overwhelming monster that is the plastics industry. Because the only way we win – is together. Innovate. Inspire. Change the world.