What We’re Up To

Alrighty. We’re too psyched to keep it quiet: we’re working on some super-cool things. 2017 will be a massive year for WooBamboo. Not only did we just release our natural dental floss, but we’ll also be coming out with mouthwash, along with a full line of natural toothpastes! We’ve just surpassed the “1,00,000 toothbrushes made” mark, so it’s only natural that WooBamboo puts out some equally awesome additional products, don’t ya think?


We’ve got something else up our sleeve, as well. We’ll be working on replacing every bit of plastic in our packaging with a new, “backyard biodegradable” plant-based plastic. We also have a patent-pending formula of a biodegradable bamboo plastic that could revolutionize the “one-use” industry. That’s all we can say for now, though. But keep in touch, and follow us on social media to be kept in the know!

We’re SUPER excited for the future, and hope you are, as well. Hang tight.